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The Highville is a platform that combines fashion, entertainment and social causes through 3 sections: KNOWLEDGE, FASHION and PLAY.

The KNOWLEDGE section allows you to enjoy fashion from the point of view of knowledge. We elaborate questionnaires about the fashion business where users can test their knowledge and obtain credits to participate in fashion accessories auctions.

The FASHION section allows you to enjoy fashion from the point of view of purchasing iconic luxury accessories (handbags and shoes) at lower prices through auctions.

The PLAY section allows you to enjoy fashion by supporting different social causes and local trade projects through solidarity draws.
Fashion accessories auction area to get them at lower prices with a different auction dynamic.
1. The users must buy bidding cards to participate in the auctions. There are different amount cards (€ 15, € 25, € 40 and € 60) that grant participation credits.

2. The card is for bidding. With each press of the bid button, the score goes up 0.05 points and € 1 of the participation card is deducted.

3. The auction starts at 1 point and it has to reach 100 points to finish.

4. The winner is the one who makes the most bids.

Auctions have a maximum duration of 10 days. The auctions end when the 100 points are reached and if in 10 days they have not finished, the auction is canceled and the credit is returned to the users.
Auctions can last a maximum of 10 days.

Auctions start with 1 point and end when the score reaches 100 points (the score goes up 0.05 points with each of the user's bids) and this can happen in hours or days.

However, if within 10 days the score has not reached 100 points, the auction is canceled and the bid credits are returned to the participating users.
Fashion accessories (bags and shoes) are auctioned from the most exclusive fashion brands.
The accessories are bought at the official outlets of luxury brands and in specialized fashion websites such as Net a Porter, MyTheresa or Luisaviaroma.
Yes, all auctioned accessories are 100% original because they are purchased at official retail outlets and at specialized luxury websites.
Solidarity drawings area to support both charitable causes and the local commerce of your city.
Solidarity draws are organized in the following categories: fashion, beauty and leisure.
The draw is scheduled for an specific day and it is necessary to purchase a ticket worth € 5 to participate in it.

The draw will be held on a specific day at www.random.org.

Once it is celebrated, we get in touch with the winner to get the bonus so that he can redeem his prize. In addition, users participating in the sweepstakes have 5 free bids to participate in the auctions of The Highville Fashion.
Fashion quizzes to learn and enjoy fashion.

In addition, by responding well to the questions, credits can be won to participate in the auctions of The Highville Fashion. With every 5 correct questions, you get 1 bid to participate in the auctions.
There are 3 levels of knowledge: apprentice, medium and expert.

Each level has 10 questionnaires and each questionnaire has 15 questions.

The questionnaires contain questions related to fashion business (designers, models, influencers, fashion weeks, parades, iconic fashion accessories, ...) that measure the level of user knowledge and help her to learn about this topic.

For every 5 questions answered correctly the user is awarded a bid to participate in The Highville fashion auctions.